Trieste Marine Terminal invests 188 millions to double Molo VII quay

Local Port Committee also gave the go-ahead to a 50-year new concession to SIOT oil Terminal Trieste aims at strengthening as a primary gateway for containers trade in the Upper Adriatic and launches a new ambitious plan of investment at Molo VII.
The Jiulian Port Committee lately approved the plan submitted by Trieste Marine Terminal Spa (Terminal operator controlled by TO Delta Group) which is getting ready to invest 188 million euro for a 60-year concession.
In essence, the lengthening of Molo VII will follow two phases: “The first project foresees expanding the existing structure by 100 metres at sea (on 200 metres overall width), to proceed with further 100 linear metres increase to cover the whole quay’s width.
This investment, fully borne by the company, will encompass deployment of 4 new shore cranes” illustrates the Terminal operator.
The new infrastructures, able to host simultaneously up to 14,000 TEUs ships, will consent Molo VII to handle 1.2 million annual freights.
“The whole investment was allocated to tackle forthcoming trade increase envisaged in the Upper Adriatic and particularly in Trieste port that will become a core-hub for existing and to-be-founded mega-consortia merging major global shipping companies operating from the Far-Middle East to Western and Central Europe and particularly to South Germany”, continues the company’s note.
Significant economic benefits will foster jobs and the whole ancillary services supply from the beginning of works at Molo VII that will allegedly start by June 2015.
Due to the above, Molo VII terminal will become more and more appealing to interested investors betting on the North Adriatic (see Contship Italia).

Ship2Shore 04/08/2014