Trieste Marine Terminal, for short called Molo VII (Pier VII), is the only specialized container terminal operator providing accurate handling, storage and inland routing of containers in Trieste.

Trieste Marine Terminal is committed to deliver secure, responsive, high-quality, customer-oriented services and support 24 hours a day during 362 days a year. One of the Trieste Marine Terminal’s key advantage is its strategic geographical position, being situated in the North Eastern side of Italy. In fact it is considered the most convenient gateway to the South and Eastern Europe.

In addition, thanks to the excellent road/rail connection network, the advanced logistic facilities and the modern management approach, Trieste Marine Terminal is playing an increasingly important role in the Adriatic Sea.

The port of Trieste, thus including Trieste Marine Terminal Molo VII, is a free trade zone, granting very favorable conditions to the logistic operators and final customers. The main characteristics of this free trade zone are that goods arriving by sea can be freely accepted in the Free Port Zone regardless of their origin, destination or nature and that they are exempt from duty as long as they remain within this port area.

Goods entering the Free Port Zones by land from UE are regarded as export and can be shipped at any time, whereas goods coming by land from non-UE countries are regarded as transit goods. Simplified customs procedures at the Italian borders apply also to goods carried by train.


Trieste Marine Terminal provides a full range of services which shipping companies expect from a modern container terminal. First rank shipping lines engaged in both deep sea – Intercontinental route – direct and Intra – Mediterranean feeder services call at Trieste Marine Terminal Molo VII on a regular basis.


It is the leading company that operates inside the area of Monfalcone Port. Thanks to an integrated team of skilled workers, to a wide range of equipment as well as to a large variety of small and heavy goods vehicles, the company is fully equipped to move any type of goods.

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